Yamaha CP300 Digital Stage Piano Review

Digital home pianoThrough many past years, Yamaha has been an authority in providing the latest technologies and innovations in digital pianos. They have established their name in making stage pianos very well and the Yamaha CP300 Digital Stage Piano is one of their best.

Drawn out of a very rich tradition and experience in making high quality instruments, this offers the classic sound of a grand piano with the dynamic and portable features of a digital piano. So you can really say, it’s probably the classic meets the future.

It is a professional stage piano that has an appealing design. It has speakers that are concealed in a cabinet so you do not have to use a separate sound system to attach it to. And the sound from these speakers is even loud enough to be heard in an auditorium. It also fits very well in your jazz club, or wherever you put it. It will suit your need just well. (more…)

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Why Buy a Digital Home Piano

Do you play a musical instrument? A digital home piano?

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I know a lot of people have tried to take piano lessons. When I was in elementary school, second-grade specifically, at least six or seven kids in my class were signed up to take piano lessons.

I decided to join also the following summer. All of those kids and I eventually quit piano lessons. The differences, they quit within a couple months and I quit after 10 years.   This isn’t a matter of whether I should have quit or not, because I can still play whatever I want and enjoy the talent and instructions I received. If you want to play the piano, that is a great choice.

Unfortunately, unlike playing the guitar or a violin, if you want to play piano and you need to buy a piano, you’re not even able to get a cheap one for under a thousand dollars as a beginner. Unless you’re buying a piano keyboard, you’re going to need to invest in some type of piano.   If you want buy a grand piano or even only a baby grand piano, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars and probably lose half of the room. (more…)

Amazing iPhone 6 Wireless Keyboard Case Protects and Helps End Poverty

Ok, I admit it, I'm a techie geek addict. I understand it and every one who has in fact ever invested any real time talking with me understands it too. So why I never ever thought of getting a keyboard case for my iPhone 6, 4.7", I have no idea.

If you're anything like me then you were simply too busy for the thought to even break its way through the myriad of concepts racing around for directions in your mind. Getting a keyboard, yet alone a moving keyboard even for the latest, best phone presently on the market … simply didn't have priority. Now that I have it however, I'm truly wondering why I never ever considered it and I'm very delighted it simply landed in my lap. It helps my iPhone feel stable in my hands and helps avoid the slippage I have actually experienced simply while trying to open an app. Do not get me wrong, the iPhone 6 is SO stunning … and so slick it has actually slipped right out of my hand. Particularly when I have actually attempted to hold it while handling keys and other items. The keyboard case offers it a more tactile and secure feel without adding bulk or much weight.

Plus I'm such a huge Amazon fan! The extremely fast shipping and great money-back guarantee ensures I'm satisfied with every purchase I make … and overall I was simply truly amazed. The case custom fits the extremely slim iPhone 6, the bluetooth wireless paired quickly, the sliding keyboard is smooth, it feels comfortable to hold as I type and my fingerprints don't show all over the black metallic feeling case. It also comes in white however I believe the black case looks best with the white iPhone. On top of a fantastic product was a cherry of fantastic client service. The level of follow-up making sure I got my order and the suggestions, suggestions and Frequently Asked Question's they sent … like I said, A-MAZING.

As if that had not been enough they also gave me an opportunity to help others with my purchase. A section of each case bought goes to assist fund a non-profit organization called A Wider Circle. I Googled A Wider Circle and found videos of their founder and steadfast volunteers striving to help individuals and families who have actually fallen into difficult times. They have actually become the light at the end of a really dark tunnel for numerous of the individuals, families and children who saw no end to the poverty surrounding their lives. They provide totally free support, education and simply plain empathy to everybody in need.

To me that's more than a win/win, that's a no brainer. I'm delighted I ordered and I'll motivate you to do the exact same and see for yourself. To get your iPhone 6 wireless keyboard case, click the Amazon link below, next click the orange Amazon "Add to Cart" button, complete your purchase and help someone else while doing so. If you choose to buy the bluetooth wireless keyboard, drop me a note and let me know how it went. I believe you'll be amazed!